Juno First is intended to be an Atari 2600 port of the arcade game of the same name. Naturally the Atari 2600 version requires some significant simplifications, but the main elements are there. The visual style of the game is similar to Beamrider, but it plays quite differently.

The awesome sprite graphics were created by Nathan Strum, and the the excellent title music was created by Erik Ehrling (moderntimes99).

Release notes:

This release candidate should fix an elusive screen jumping issue. If no further bugs are found, then this version will be the final one. I will be grateful for any final testing of this game. To check for screen jumps in Stella, press the back-tick key ‘ and type breakif {_scan>#262} at the debugger prompt, followed by run. If the game returns to be debugger at any point then let me know.

Many thanks,