Devin updated his Punch Out style Atari 2600 homebrew game K.O. Cruiser.


Added theme songs for both K.C. Nova (#2) and Russ Tick (#5). Nova’s song uses the first verse from Malguena. Russ uses the song “Home of the Range” which is the official anthem of Kansas.
Added some more sound effects – mostly just slight modifications
K.C. Nova now has a different disco song.
I made some internal changes to allow each “stance” to have a different flash glove color. Now, unblockable punches have a different color. I made it yellow in most cases.
Fixed the end-of-round health recovery logic. I actually had this working in a prior betas, but left it disabled in the last one.
Added rematch logic. Basically, you get one rematch per game. This is similar to being able to keep fighting after being defeated in Punch-out. Given there are only 6 boxers, I don’t currently bump you down the ladder if you lose.
Created a Rematch Screen.
Redid the graphics for the Game Over screen. The new version is far simplify than the last. I needed the bytes.
Revamped many of the boxer scripts so the difficulty does not jump dramatically as you advance through boxers.
The difficulty feature was modified. Level 1 is now the default and is equivalent to to Level 2 in the last version. In the new level 2, the effect of hits is halfed and the computer combo speed doubles. Level 3 also doubles movement speed and computer punch power.