Devin updated his Punch Out style Atari 2600 homebrew game K.O. Cruiser.


Fixed a bug that occurred when the player was TKO’d.
I combined the color schemes for the “human knockdown” and “computer knockdown” for all the characters. The color schemes control the colors at the top of the fight screen – in particular, the clock and health bars. The new versions contain the same blue and red text. The health bars are grayed out. This also saved some bytes, though I don’t need them.
I decreased the amount of health the computer loses when hit. This makes it a tad more fun since you can’t knock the computer out in 30 seconds. Before the average hit damage was about 18. Now it is about 12.
I changed how the computer regains health after been knocked down. The game maintains a “spirit” variable for the computer and player. When the either lands a punch, it increases. It drops when hit. This all depends on a percentage of the punch power. Before, the computer recovered to this value alone. The game also used a “recovery bonus” to make it easier for the computer to recover – depending on the character. In this new version, the computer also gains the bonus as part of their spirit – and therefore their recovered health. The result is that the computer recovers just as it did before – but with more health.
The input system was revised slightly. Before you had to hold the button before hitting left, right, or down. The new version allows you to hit them at the same time.