atari2600land has updated “Kindercomp” twice yesterday.


Release notes Update 1
Minor update: Man on title screen bows before the music plays. If you’ll notice in the code, in the third frame, I had to use “missile1height=0” in order to have a missile height of 1. WTF? Anyway, missile 1 is the guy’s right arm.

Release notes Update 2
Drawing is now an option. On the menu screen, press fire to select it when the arrow is pointing to it. BTW, the other options are just a silly test to see whether the arrows work or not and definitely will not be in the final version. The “Names” and “scribble” games won’t be on here because the 2600 does not have a built-in font/text function.

In the “draw” game, move the cursor with the joystick, and press fire while using the joystick to put the pen to the paper. Believe it or not, the other versions I’ve played (A800 & C64) drawing game do not have a cursor and you just draw like an Etch-A-Sketch, so this is a little bit better than the others because you can draw wherever you want without making a line.