Guide Larry the Lemon to collect gifts while being haunted by an enemy. Coded by atari2600land.

Release notes:

Yet another new version. I noticed that the thing to get wasn’t going as far right as the maze, and a quick look through the code revealed why. But it wasn’t that quick to solve the problem. It took a few hours, but not only did I solve it, I was able to change the pfcolor in game. To do this, I had to change the pfcolor yellow tint a little. I’ve used lots of weird tricks to make this 2k, so this game presented itself a real challenge to do. Let me know if you see any bugs. I do know that if you touch the banana and go back to the starting place and the thing to get is there too, that the game will play the “I got the thing” note instead of the “I touched the enemy” note, but that shouldn’t happen very often. I also had to put PF0=$ff in the game to get it to work properly, so there are now borders to the left and right of the screen always.