seemo has updated Lead 8k.


– moving logo on title and options screen
– bordered ‘lead 1k’ option
– game over and options menu voices ‘wrap’ (press up while on first option to get to the last option, down while on last option to get to the first)
– ‘saw’ envelope option replaced by ‘1/0’
– intro sequence (skip with fire)
– ending sequence
– attract mode, if you leave the game on title screen, after a short while it will show the last played stage for some seconds, without showing the player ship (move the joystick or press fire to leave this mode)
– it is possible to carry only 4 smart bombs at once, but once you catch the 5th smart bomb, you get an upgrade as follows : 1st upgrade missile upgrade (red ship) 2nd upgrade side upgrade (ship can push/touch the sides without any effect – green ship) 3rd upgrade speed upgrade (ship moves faster horizontally – yellow ship) 4th upgrade 499 points bonus
– practice mode has been replaced by a continue mode: during the game over notify screen, you can press fire to continue the game from the ‘3rd last’ stage. Smart bombs, score and upgrades are lost
– there’s a 500 points bonus for perfect catch stages
– an audio sound is played whenever you miss on catch stages, enemies ‘flash’ when the ship is in range for a catch
(catch range should be wider now)
– the sides movement routine has been reworked
– the last 20 enemies of a stage are signaled by an effect on the bass notes volume