Atari 2600 game coder “atari2600land” comes up with a brandnew game called “Library of Doom”.

Release notes build 1:

For my 2,600th post, I’ve decided to make it about a 2600 game (only fitting.) It’s called “Library of Doom.” It’s still very buggy (especially the title screen, because apparently I *have* to use pfheights and/or pfcolors if I want to have both players have colors.)
Well, anyway, press fire to start. The hearts will be lives (once they’re finished.) The goal of the game is to get through as many library aisles as possible. There will be two things to make you lose lives. The first, which is activated, is the librarian. Touch her, and you’ll lose a life. Fortunately, you’re not helpless, as you have a spitgun. To use it, press the direction you want to shoot at and fire simultaneously. The librarian will disappear for a short time and you’ll get ten points. The second, which hasn’t been activated yet, is if you end up in the middle of a bookshelf when it scrolls, you’ll lose a life. If you go out one end of the aisle, you’ll come back in the other. The librarian will not. Should this be a paddle game, or is it fine with a joystick?

Release notes build 2:

Here’s a newer binary file that’s a little less buggy. Note that these are only temporary sfx. I’ve switched the background to all black (title screen and game screen.)