Name: Noice #2600

Platform: Atari VCS/2600, 4kb ROM
Release Date: 2009-09-28
Code: Andreas Gustafsson aka. Shadow/Noice
Music and replay routine: Paul Slocum


History behind this demo

I started messing around a bit with VCS coding in January 2009, and soon I had created this little intro. However, considering the other amazing demoproductions that had been
released on the platform by others, I thought it was of too poor quality to release it at all. Then Sundown announced that they would have the “BITS” competition, and I thought that would be a good excuse to unleash it on the world. However, the compo was canceled, but now I’ve decided to release it anyway.

How to run it
Run the .bin file in your VCS-emulator of choice, or put it on a 4kb EPROM cart and run it on the real thing!

Additional info
Created with Kick Assembler.