Seemo has released a brandnew Atari 2600 homebrew game called Omicron. It’s pretty tiny with 2k in size only.

Release notes:

here’s my take on the ‘hostile playfield’ theme, that has been discussed in the ‘2600 mockups wanted’ thread.

The game supports the AtariVox/SaveKey units for hi-score load/save functionality.


– Console Controls
Reset: starts a new game / ends the current game
Select : if you turn the 2600 on while pressing select, the hi-score on the savekey/atarivox is reset to 0
Colour/BW: before turning the 2600 on, set it to Colour for NTSC colors, BW for PAL colors

– During play
Move with the joystick in port 1, FIRE rotates the direction of fire by 90 degrees.
Pay attention to the ‘full’ square, it will show you where the enemy will start growing.

– Score
You get 1 point for each element of the enemy that you hit

– Game Over
Game ends when the enemy touches you

Enjoy !
Simone 🙂