seemo has updated his shooting game Omicron 2k.

Release notes:

thanks to Everybody for the feedback

Here’s an updated version of the game, that features two new gameplay elements:

1) the enemy grows from the last occupied cell, while it previously restarted from the ‘root’ at every growth attempt.

This way, the enemy extends way more towards the player, no matter if the player keeps moving.

2) there’s an undestructable and deadly border around the playfield.

This adds some strategy to the game, since you have to approach the enemy from the right direction, otherwise you could hit a border and cause a game-over.
I also find that this keeps the player ‘on his toes’, somehow addressing the ‘lack of tension’ issue addressed by the always precious r_type2600 .

One more thing: please note that you do not have to hold FIRE to release missiles, just ‘click’ it to rotate your ship, Ok ?

Have fun !