Paladin is a “Telengard” style game by s0c7 for the Atari 2600.


– Bugs (probably). I haven’t had much time to playtest this. Please report any you may find.
– Hitting fire in a non-combat situation will bring up the magic menu (assuming you have enough spell points). Note: The only place this won’t work is in the up/down stairways. Only the healing spells will be available.
– The stop time spell works now. Time will stop for up to 3 of your turns (you will get 3 turns before the monster fights back). If you select evade, you will automatically evade him. If you attack him, you will always land a hit. The monster is frozen for that time period. If you evade or kill the monster before the 3 turns is up time will return to normal.
– Changed the sprite color slightly when you are on the magic menu. Trying to make it just different enough to notice without being distracting.
– Added a attack posture for the monsters. Basically they move their arms or whatever. Just putting it in place for later. I’ll be switching over to espire8’s graphics once the core game is complete.