This is a Telengard style game. The working title is Paladin (as the only class available is a warrior/monk hybrid).

What’s new:
– A few simple sounds.
– There are now 10 levels.
– Lightning bolt spell.
– The 1st doorway. Eventually certain levels will have a doorway at a strategic point. You can only pass if you have the corresponding key (same color as the level). You don’t have to do anything to open the door. Having the key is all that is required.
– The monsters now sometimes drop things when you kill them. At the moment, there is 1 key which will give you passage through the door on level 3. There are also scrolls of wisdom. These will restore spell points. You don’t have to do anything, you will automatically pick up anything useful. It is displayed briefly so you can see what it was. There will be at least 1 interactive object in the future.