Palomino is a puzzle game for Atari 2600 by Seemo.

The playfield is continuously scanned by a vertical beam, that periodically deposits cells in the playfield. The player has to arrange these cells to form the pattern shown on the top of the screen. To form the patterns, the player controls a cursor that can pick up and release the cells on the playfield. When the vertical beam meets a pattern, it removes the cells that form the pattern from the playfield, and the player scores points. Each pattern has to be composed eight times before the timer, represented by the bar on the top left of the screen, expires.


– now the playfield has a gray background color (this made me tweak the colors… for a change)
– I have added a ‘message’ area, between the playfield and the score, that says ‘press fire’/’get ready’/’game over’/’oh yeah’ (when a pattern is cleared)