How to play:

Choose a play and watch it unfold, as your teammates run along their routes…

Get ready to pass the ball to an open catcher, and lead him to the goal zone!

But watch out for the blocky-blocker, who can intercept the ball and stop your catchers before they score.

Release notes:

here’s an updated version of the game 🙂

– Atarivox : changed some parameters to make the voice sound more ‘lively’

– eeprom : included Thomas Jentzsch updated I2C library – now you can load/save your plays with the Stella emulator, too

– ‘turn over’ message has priority over both ‘out of bounds’ and ‘time’s up’ messages

– new gameplay element: you now have 4 seconds to choose a play (and so does the CPU), otherwise you get a ‘time’s up’ ‘penalty’

– when the blocker tackles a catcher, it is slowed down due to the effort (this should make harder to go tackling both catchers at will – so to prevent the cpu pitcher from throwing the ball)

– at the end of the game, a simple ‘victory dance’ is performed by the winning team

Have fun !