In atari2600land‘s Plim Aliens have landed and are trying to annoy Frank! Can Frank survive the alien onslaught of annoyingness?

Release notes:

I’ve just decided to have Plim be 32k. For some reason I decided to work on it again. I found a bug though in level 1 involving the end of it. There are two versions I’ve uploaded here. plim60.bas.bin is at the end of the game. The final fight. I need some feedback as to its difficulty. Too hard? Too easy? Also, plim60begin.bas.bin starts you at the very beginning of the game so you can have the full plim experience before you get to the final fight. Right now if you beat the alien king on the final fight, it just loops back, but I plan on programming in a final cut scene to end the story. I will not make that version public. You’ll have to get Plim and beat it yourself to see the final ending. But first I have to think one up, or I could just say “to be continued” and make a Plim 2?