jbs3000 updated his QBert remake for Atari 2600.



OK, I have completed everything except for adding other characters.

Here’s what I have:
_1) 3 levels with 4 rounds a piece.
____a) On the first level simply jump on all of the blocks once to clear the round.
____b) On the second level, you have to jump on them twice.
____c) You only have to change a square once, but if you jump on it a second time you clear it and have to jump on it again.

_2) On the left, QBert faces that show how many lives you have. If you fall, they disappear. You get 3 lives.
_3) On the right you see which level and round you are playing.
_4) Before each level, there’s a little demo, like in the arcade game.
_5) The disks have different y positions on each round, although it’s the same for all 3 levels.
_6) For now, when you complete all 3 levels, you start back at level 1 again.

Now, I know that only having the playfield 1 color sucks, but I can’t do anything about it. It’s OK until the second level. In the real game, you have to change colors twice. Since I can’t change colors what I did was, the first time QBert lands on a square, it’s partially filled in as normal. The second time, it completely fills in. It isn’t pretty, but it works.
Also, there’s only 2 disks throughout the game, instead of some rounds having 3 disks like in the arcade and 2600 versions.

Since it only goes to 4 cubes across, and the arcade had 7, I’ll make up for it with the following:
_1) Red balls can now chase you up the pyramid, unlike in the arcade where they can only move down.
_2) There will be no randomness. Enemies will aim directly for you, and the beneficial green ball that freezes time will run away from you.
_3) In the arcade and 2600 version, on the second level there’s a round where the walls of the cubes disappear. In this game, a round in the second level has the whole pyramid invisible.
_4) You get 3 lives only. No extras.

Well, guess that’s it. I won’t be posting another update until the other characters are added (and I’ll also try to add a “splat” sound when QBert or Coily fall to their doom).