You find a treasure map in the attic of your house. Think Goonies movie. You and some friends go in search of this buried treasure on Skull Island. One problem, you don’t exactly know where Skull Island is. You each get out your raft and head out into the river. Your friends are represented on the grid as colors. The red color is you. The other colors are your friends. The pink square in the middle is an island. You’re object is to get to the island.

Release notes by yuppicide:

I have uploaded a new test version 2. Things in the new version:

– Title screen with “Skull Island” logo that moves. Every so often lightning appears, but no sound yet. I had trouble getting it working.
– You can press SELECT at the title screen, which will let you select your starting level. You will be able to start on Beginner (This is level 1. Screen will say “Level Beg”), Intermediate (This is level 11. Screen will say “Level Int”), Advanced (This is level 21. Screen will say “Level Adv”), or Expert (This is level 31. Screen will say “Level Adv”). This doesn’t actually work yet. Besides I only gave you 3 levels to sample.
– When you complete a level there are now five different ways it clears the screen, there used to be only one.

New changes coming:

– Blue background to represent water. It was originally black due to a space theme.