Spider game (prototype name) is a platform game, you play as spider and must walk around and climb platforms to collect goodies, while dodge all cast of dangerous enemies such scoprions, bats and others.

You can climb on upper platform, fix on it and walk in upside-down view, this is the novelty.

Please keep in mind this game is a work in progress and will improve over time.

Release notes:

This new beta shows the gravity system, a very small update. The spider can’t be damaged if fall, I never liked this on the old games.
The cutscene is more interesting, I want to use “hiper sprite” (composition of sprites and playfield pixels to draw one image)
as cutscenes between the levels. I think is a good usage of the graphic vcs hardware and don’t waste much rom ( I can store 9 images like that in 1kb).

My next step is a bit hard, I need to add the playfield colision code, this must be done by software because both, platforms and columns, are playfield and the spider must be free to walk horizontally on the platform but not to cross one column, or fall even touching one column but stop hitting a platform.