Zufolek has update his tool which can be used to free more space in your games (codewise).

According to cd-w it does the following:

1.Merges multiple loads of the same value into a single load
2.Removes unnecessary compares with zero
3.Removes store followed immediately by load
4.Removes unnecessary consecutive loads and stores
5.Removes unused code (between a jmp and a label)
6.Removes unnecessary zero initialisation
7.Removes unused loads
8.Converts subroutines into jmps
9.Converts load/tax into lax
10.Converts and/tax into lxa
11.Converts sequences of short jumps into a single jump

Release notes:

Uploaded version 0.3, which is probably about as good as it will get without a lot more work. I suppose I should mention it is free, works with every game I’ve tested, and requires no knowledge of assembly to use. Enjoy!