vdub_bobby has updated “Squish Em”.

Release notes:


Biggest change is the music! All four musical cues are in: beginning a game, starting a new life, reaching a new level (i.e., every 16 floors), and grabbing a suitcase. Though the new-level music comes in one floor too early. Also got the background wah-wah-wah-wah sound in as well. These sounds translated very well from the A800, I think they sound pretty good.

I played around with the pocka-pocka sound for when you are moving/climbing, but I couldn’t get it to sound right and I can’t quite figure out how they get that exact effect in the A800 game – I found the notes for that but I can’t find where or how they vary the volume (or?) to get the “pocka” sound. I’ll keep digging.

I also fixed the collision detection, now you won’t die if you hit a suitcase/bonus item from underneath.

Source and binary are attached in the zip file.

EDIT: I almost forgot! The legs-up and dying/falling sounds are in as well. They also translated very well, especially the legs-up sound. The dying one not so well, though it’s close enough that I’m cool with it.

Basically, I’m running into two problems with translating the sound: First, the Atari 800 pure tones are divided down from 64 KHz (is that exact?) while the 2600 pure tones are divided down from 31.44 KHz. So it’s sort of close to half the frequency, so if I divide the frequencies in half then the result is pretty close. Of course, when I divide the frequencies in half I also lose a bit of precision, so it I’m losing accuracy in two ways. The other problem is that the A800 can divide it’s base frequency by 1-256, while the 2600 only can divide by 1-32. This hasn’t been a problem as much as I thought but, for example, the falling/dying sound is not nearly as smooth on the 2600 since if I change the frequency as fast as the A800 does I quickly run out of frequencies! I might look into some trickiness with switching to a different AUDCx value to get some lower frequencies, but I think it sounds OK right now so it isn’t a priority.