vdub_bobby has updated “Squish Em”.

Release notes:

Hi folks. Sorry, Manuel, I couldn’t find time to get online over the weekend and upload a PAL60 binary.

And you’re right – it’s no game yet! But soon, soon…

Big, big changes over the weekend! I worked hard.

Here’s a list:
-All music is done.
-Enemy movement routines are done. All enemies move properly and at the correct speed.
-All sound effects save one (game over SFX) are in and done. For me, the sounds (music and effects) are at least half the appeal of this game, so I am very pleased with how well they translated. Let me know what you think!
-Unsquishing timing is correct now.
-Color change upon level change is done.
-Extra life display is fixed and done.
-Score flashing during music is in and done.
-Crazy flashing screen when you grab a bonus item is in and done. See if you can spot the difference between this version and the A8 version. When I’m done I’ll post somewhere a list of differences – it’s already bigger than I hoped it would be, but most things are so minor it doesn’t really matter.
-Fixed (crosses fingers) a weird bug when you died and started to climb a girder on the same frame. (It would reset the game.)
-New enemy generation is done; you shouldn’t see weird things after level 15 (like Manuel mentioned above) anymore.
-Kernel is done.
-Fixed movement-speed error (you moved sideways to quickly).
-Created PAL60 version. I would appreciate input on this. The colors look mostly OK, though maybe the players shirt could be darker.

Known bug:
-Sometimes it will display two bonus item floors in a row. I *think* this happens when you die one floor before the bonus item will appear. Then when you restart it goofs up.

Yes, I only am aware of one bug. Please let me know if you see any others!

Next on my list:
-Finish brick-falling routine. I was able to finally disassemble that part of the A8 code and figure it out – it is rather odd how it’s set up, but pretty simple once I figured out what was going on.
-Finish death routine.

That will wrap up the gameplay elements, after that it’s just game-state and interface stuff. I’m hoping to finish by Friday! We’ll see…

Source, NTSC binary, and PAL60 binary in the zip file.