atari2600land released a new game for the Atari 2600. It’s a first beginning and will for sure improve over time.

Release notes:

Alien Greed 3 is done, GoSub 2 is done, Asses of Fire is almost done, so i thought i’d start another game. it’s along the lines of the classic 2600 game Star Ship, but with much better controls. It started out being a Duke Nukem parody, where Duke’s neerdowell brother Clem gets a starring role in “Clem Nukem”, but scrapped that idea since Duke is getting a new game, so I’m naming this game “Star Fleet Omega”, where you shoot at spaceships (which haven’t been implemented yet.) Go on, take a shot.

You are looking through the windsheild of one of the earth’s best spaceships. You have infinite missiles thanks to the latest weapon regenerator technology. You are the last hope against the earth’s greatest threat. You are a part of Star Fleet Omega.

I don’t know. Sounds kinda dorky, huh? I’m not that great about writing serious storylines.