The main goal is to get to the mine car. Find the steam valves to turn off the steam flowing out of pipes. Press the button on the steam valves to enable/disable steam from a particular pipe somewhere in the maze (but you’ll need to find out what pipes are being impacted). Avoid the construction worker. If he sees you, you’ll lose a life. Touch steam and you’ll lose a life. If you run out of time, you’ll lose a life, and the value of steam valves will reset.

Release notes:

I’m going to take the feedback about steam valve animation, and then work on it.
I’ve been thinking about it, and there’s some difficulty to it.
In level 1, some people may not have noticed that the steam is off in 2 rooms and on in 2 rooms to start.
So, it may “look” like some valves are not working, when in reality, they’re making things worse. A sound indicates a successful toggle.
However, with some valves off by default, I thought that would be an interesting twist to add in. Of course, that’s too much for level 1.

This brings up a problem with steam valves being in a “moved” state.
Say I just changed the color. It would be a dead giveaway if on level 1, 2 valves were blue, and 2 red. No one would touch the 2 blue valves, as they are already off.
So, I need to make some changes so the valve color would indicate a “changed” state, meaning that the user toggled it. All would default to red, and change to blue if toggled.
On earlier levels, all steam would be on, so the mission would be to find every valve and toggle it.
On later levels, some steam would be on/some off, so the mission would be to find the correct valves to toggle, instead of all of them.

I’ve been thinking about the construction guy too. He’s way too unfair in level 2.
Level 2 was a proof-of-concept sort of level. In my later ponderings, I’m thinking of making the construction guy take time away rapidly from the user, instead of starting over. That may be too heavy of a penalty. I think losing time/points would be enough of a scare factor to get out of that room immediately, with a little cost.
I’ll keep thinking about it. I don’t think I’ll make things as tough as level 2 was, at least for initial levels.

For those interested, I made a new version that now has 4 levels.
Level 1 became level 2.
Level 2 became level 3.
And, I added levels 1 and 4.
1 is simple, to show how things work; it’s a tutorial sort of level.
Level 4 only has 1 construction guy (yay!), and is a pretty big map, showing what can be done with good boulder/ladder placement.

Feel free to try it out.
In the meantime, I’ll start figuring out how to show that a valve is in a “changed” state.

Thanks all for the feedback!