Do you remember the two farting guys “Terrance & Phillip” from South Park? Now those two guys have their very own computergame on the Atari 2600 platform.

Release notes:

I wanted to work on level 3 so badly that I ended level 2 early and went ahead and got level 3 started. To access level 3, at the title screen, have the right difficulty switch on a; to start on level 2, have it on b. You’ll notice that since level 3 is the ice world (I call it Ant-Farctica, level 2 was the Kali-fart-i Desert), you’ll slip a little bit once you stop moving left or right. Also of note is the ROM size is now 32k, which is the final ROM size available with bB. If it was possible to make a 64k bB game, I’d consider it.