In the year 2574 a lot of things have changed. Humans have colonized our solar system and the O81b “flying saucer”is the primary means of getting around town. However, some things don’t change, specifically the need for diamonds. In 2574, the largest known diamond in the solar system was found in the moon, Titan. But in the process of trying to mine it, the 2 petaton atomic bomb used was overkill and scattered diamonds across the planet and across the solar system. You are one of the many that have equipped their O81b’s with rock blasters and set off to mine for the diamonds. But watch out, the explosion also caused a lot of meteorites! Good luck diamond hunter, and get rich!

Other release notes:

* shoot rock in attempt to find diamond that is same color as playfield (also ball) except it flickers (the diamond)
* 2 players
* can shoot opposing player
* get points by collecting diamonds (“win” game at 10 diamonds?)
* may/may not die by hitting playfield
* can select different levels
* can bump into other player
* falling meteorites
* ground quakes when playfield is shot
* player resting position landing strip is “safe” to land on
* self-destruct sequence when lander is damaged (colors of red)

Original Plans not implemented/won’t be implemented:
* landing pad where you refuel (ball) – pfscore not working
* ufo runs across top and shoots down at you – ditched ufo
* lose fuel by hitting playfield – pfscore not working
* run out of fuel and you crash – pfscore not working
* playfield only crumbles when ufo’s shots hit ground – ditched ufo