jbs30000 updated his recently released Tron game for Atari 2600.

Release notes:

I’m through working on this game. It’s better now, but still has a bug or two that I no longer have the patience to try and fix.

Improvements from what I posted a couple of days ago:
-Enemy light cycles now include a light cycle sprite, instead of just showing the light wall.
-Timer in grid spider game cut to make it harder to play. Score increases when you kill a spider.
-You usually can make it to level 2 after clearing all 4 games in level 1, and even usually get to level 3.

-The light cycle game can mess with your life counter when you win or lose.
-It happens rarely, but in the tank game and grid spiders game, the missile you fire might just pass through an enemy.

Anyway, that’s about it. The main menu in each level changes, just like in the arcade game, so that if you go up for example, on the first level you’ll get the tank game, but the second level will get you a different game if you go up. Also, just like in the arcade game, when you complete a game, you can’t play it again until you advance a level.

And for the heck of it. When the game first starts: 1C PP = 1 Coin Per Player; C 0 = Coins 0

I’ll post the source code, but any of you who haven’t looked at any of my code before will run for the hills when you see it . It’s not the neatest and this is a pretty big program. I started making notes but decided, what’s the point? I’ll post everything anyway and if somebody actually wants to make an improvement or two but has no idea what the heck I was thinking, or is just confused by my sloppy programming , go ahead and ask, and I shall answer.

Edited to add – While in the main menu, if you press the Start button it will add more lives. You can have a maximum of 6 I believe.