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Final Fantasy v0.2 (GBA game)

A new version of the Final Fantasy 2 demo has been released by Ethos. Get over to to check it out.

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Pocket NES v9.96 (NES emulator for GBA)

Pocket NES v9.96 (NES emulator for the GBA by Loopy and Flubba) has been released. Changes include 2 player support and gamma adjustment. Check out the Pocket NES website to download it.

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Hell Chess v1.0 (GBA game)

This is a chess game written by Hellhound that is now available for the GBA.

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PCE Advance v6.8 (PCE emulator for GBA)

PCE Advance is a Turbo-Grafx 16/PC Engine emulator for the GBA, it has just been updated to version 6.8.

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GBA Mine (GBA game)

GBA Mine is a Minesweeper clone by eKid. Rom and source code are included in the zip.Download: GBA Mine by eKid

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Xiangqi (GBA game)

Mikaus has made a Chinese chess game called Xiangqi for the GBA.

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WinS demo 6 (GBA utility)

Francesco Napolitano has released an update of WinS (Game Boy Advance WINdowing System).

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Cyler and Impact (GBA games)

Cyler and Impact are two game demos written in Dragon Basic by Gener Gabasa. Check out to download them.

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Book Reader V4.91 (GB/GBA Utility)

GameBoy Book Reader allows you to make a text file into a book which you can read on the GameBoy or GameBoy Advance.

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Simon B has finished thefirst draftof the rules for the 2004 competition.

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