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Bomberman (NGPC game)

Thor’s first public release of Bomberman for the Neogeo Pocket Color.

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Metal Gear Solid 2D: Sensible (GBA game)

A GBA game by Yaustar and MGFox based on Metal Gear. It was made for a third year university project and everything was written from scratch. The rom and supporting documentation are available at Yaustar’s website.

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Mario Balls! (GBA game)

Nrx has released Mario Balls, his first GBA game. Its an arcade puzzler game that involves shooting balls. You can get the rom at the url below.

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Discuss your views on the next compo on the following forum thread.

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Pop! (GBA game)

Toby Jaffey has released Pop!, its a Puyo-Puyo style puzzler game for the GBA.

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Strip Poker (GBA game)

Cappeca made a Strip Poker game for the GBA, its available on his project page.

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GBA Input (GBA demo)

Hu YingHao (Eric) has released a GBA input demo with sourcecode in C.

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Final Fantasy 2 (GBA game)

Ethos has released his first GBA project on, its a neat Final Fantasy 2 RPG demo. It features funky mosaic transition effects like in the original game.

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