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Custodian (Commercial) (Atari Jaguar Game)

Custodian is an Arcade shooter in which you have to protect energy bases from parasites that are trying to drain it dry! It will be the very first release for the Atari Jaguar by Piko Interactive. It features 4 area levels, many weapons and power ups, and awesome chiptune music!

Pre-orders will be available 2-3 months before shipping starts. The game will be manufactured with all new parts and assembled by hand. Packaging will come factory sealed.

Custodian - Atari Jaguar!/Custodian-Atari-Jaguar/p/72153794/category=20971056

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Arne – Jäger des Jags (Atari Jaguar) (Commercial)

Der Luchs is currently cooking up another Atari Jaguar game called Arne – Jäger des Jags. It’s soon ready for pre-order. It’s a simple Jump’n’Run game where you need to reach the top a level. If you want to discuss about the game you can do so at the AtariAge forum.

ARNE - Jäger des Jags [Atari Jaguar] - Preview - 04.09.15

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uFLY (22-08-2015) (Jaguar Game)

μFLY by sh3-rg is a 50/60fps endless “runner” where the aim is to survive as long as possible, and more importantly score as much as possible, before the inevitable boy-meets-wall certainty of your demise.

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Jagmatch (08-02-2015) (Jaguar Game)

Jagmatch by Sebastian Mihai is an Atari Jaguar homebrew in which the player has to match Atari computers and consoles to games considered most iconic for each system. Essentially, it requires good short-term memory, but also solid long-term memory as far as Atari gaming history is concerned! To reveal a tile, press A on the controller.

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BJ PRGE2014 Welcome Demo (Jaguar Demo)

The BJ PRGE2014 Welcome Demo by Bitjag invites you to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2014.

JagCorner | BitJag Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2014 | Welcome Demo

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Morphonic LAB XIII Contarum Invitation (Jaguar Invitro)

Morphonic LAB XIII Contarum Invitation by Checkpoint.

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j_ (Jaguar Demo)

j_ is an Atari Jaguar demo by Checkpoint. First rank at Silly Venture’s (2013) console coding competition. Congratulations!

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Sillyventure 2013 Invite (Jaguar Demo)

If you still consider yourself an Atari fan there is no need to explain what Sillyventure is about. Checkpoint recently released the official invitation named Sillyventure 2013 Invite and it runs on an old, but wonderful hardware, the Atari Jaguar.

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NyanJag (Jaguar misc)

Just for the sake of being complete, here is a notice about NyanJag by Jagware for Atari Jaguar. It should not require further information.

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Kobayashi Maru (Jaguar Game)

Kobayashi Maru by Reboot is a brandnew and free game for the Atari Jaguar system. It has been released at e-JagFest 2011.

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