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Spout v1.0 (OpenDingux Game)

French developer alekmaul and for now fresh OpenDingux lover, ported the abstract shooter Spout.

Thanks to alekmaul himself for the news!

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openMSX v0.9.1 (MSX emu for OpenDingux)

openMSX is one the most advanced emulators of MSX, an 8-bit home computer system from the 80’s for which many great games exist. Compared to the preview version, this version starts up much quicker, has a more responsive and better designed OSD menu and has a virtual keyboard.


MSX device support:
– Bug fixes:
– overscan: 512×512 demo by NYYRIKKI and Don’t Cock It Up by Matra now work
– several small issues in existing MSX machine configurations
– 2nd drive detection on National machines
– detail in MSX-AUDIO that prevented proper detection in MSX-AUDIO BIOS 1.3
– fixed crash with fast resampler and 8192 samples
– Accuracy improvements:
– much improved accuracy for Floppy Drive Controllers (mostly WD2793 and
– added support for delayed motor off for disk drives, as in real machines
implemented by the CXD1032 chip
– disk drive rotation is now correct
– added support for persistency of S1985 back-up RAM
– added support for specifying the initial content of RAM and VRAM. Fixing
this for the Philips MSX2’s shows why Cas Cremers never noticed a bug in
Akin, causing white pixels on the screen
– improved timing of the VDP LINE command (thanks to NYYRIKKI for the ideas)
– Added support for the FDC connection style of the Victor HC-9x
– Added support for several floppy drive extensions: Sanyo MFD-001, Mitsubishi
ML-30DC/ML-30FD, Talent DPF-550, AVT DPF-550, Philips NMS 1200
– Added Spanish Mitsubishi ML-G1, Spanish Mitsubishi ML-G3, Japanese Sony HB-10,
Toshiba HX-21, Toshiba HX-22 and Toshiba HX-22I. The latter two have a
switchable RS-232C interface (use the new toshiba_rs232c_switch setting)

New or improved emulator features:
– OSD menu improvements:
– list of machines and extensions are now sorted alphabetically
– file lists are now filtered on extension case insensitively
– Performance improvements:
– start-up time
– several scripts
– improved console rendering speed (uses less CPU)
– improved Tcl integration
– speed up low level disk emulation
– Miscellaneous:
– guess_title script is now a lot better and is used to generate file names
if no file name was given (e.g. to screenshots)
– don’t print an error when an initial CMOS/SRAM file isn’t found
– enable auto-run for cassettes by default
– additional files for ROMs (like samples for Playball) can now also be in
the same directory as the ROM file

Build system, packaging, documentation:
– Upgraded 3rd party libraries
– First step in phasing out the roms/ directories: removed them (including
SHA1SUMS file which was redundant with the hardwareconfig.xml files) and new
configs do not use the path with roms/ anymore; use the systemroms pool

And of course the usual various bug fixes.!/

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Sqrxz 3 v1.00 (Game)

Sqrzx 3 by Retroguru is a pretty insane Jump’n Run Game with Puzzle elements, available for Amiga OS4, AROS, Caanoo, Dingoo A320 (OpenDingux), Dreamcast, GP2x, Mac OS X, Motomagx, MorphOS, NetBSD (Intel), Pandora, Playstation Portable (unsigned), Symbian OS Series 60, Symbian OS UIQ3, Ubuntu, Windows and Wiz.

Make sure your mind works faster than a thunder and your fingers should be even faster than that.

[Trailer] Sqrxz 3 - Adventure for Love

The Dreamcast version has been updated, while all other 16 platforms are an initial release to it’s respective platforms.

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Gambatte (12-02-2012) (GBC emu for OpenDingux)

Gambatte is an accuracy-focused Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator, now ported to OpenDingux by abhoriel.

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Puzzletube v1.0b (Game Port)

Puzzletube by Ziz is a “puzzle game on a tube”.

GP2x Open2x-FW:,0,0,0,25,2898
GP2x OFW:,0,0,0,25,2899
Dingoo OpenDingux:,0,0,0,25,563

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Unnamed Monkey Game (tUM 2011) (Dingoo OpenDingux Game)

Unnamed Monkey Game by Topy44, zear and Harteex is a Jump’n’Run game for OpenDingux, Windows and Linux. This game features almost authentic Gameboy Classic feeling and ranked #3rd in the tUM gamedev competition 2011.

Tum 2011: Game Unnamed Monkey Game by Zear & Harteex & Topy44

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