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Sqrxz 4 – Cold Cash v1.00 (DC, Wiz, GP2x, Caanoo, PSP, GCW Zero, Pandora, Symbian OS Game)

The fourth installment of Sqrxz has been released. Sqrxz 4 – Cold Cash has been released to the public on 20th April for plenty of systems, such as Windows (32-Bit), Linux (32-Bit, 64-Bit), Wiz, PSP, MotoMagx, Dreamcast, GCW Zero, MacOS X (32-Bit, 64-Bit) / Intel, Amiga OS4, MorphOS, Symbian OS Series 60, Symbian OS UIQ3, Raspberry Pi, Caanoo, GP2x and OpenPandora.

Sqrxz 4 - Cold Cash | by Retroguru (Official Trailer)

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ReGBA v1.45.2 (GBA emu for GCWZ)

ReGBA by Nebuleon is a Game Boy Advance emulator based ultimately on gpSP 0.9 by Exophase. You can also submit patches on GitHub.

Release notes:

In this release, software bilinear scaling is available, and subpixel-aware scaling is now a special case of software bilinear scaling and is much less rainbow-fringey.

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Oldplay v1.35 (GCWZ Application Port)

Oldplay plays plenty of older but also newer audio formats. Originally released for the GP2x by sasq and micket. GCW Zero port by the_gama.


* Added psf2 plugin based on Highly_Experimental library by Neill Corlett.
* Added ssf/dsf plugin based on Highly_Theorethical library by Neill Corlett.
* Added wsr (Wonder Swan) plugin based on in_wsr plugin for Winamp.
* Added opus plugin.
* Added 2sf plugin based on vio2sf sources.
* Implemented basic function to play all songs found in same folder.
* Extension handling is not case sensitive anymore.
* Updated Game_Music_Emu library with latest commits by kode54.

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Streets of Rage Remake v5a (GCWZ Game Port)

Streets of Rage Remake is a remake of the side-scrolling beat ’em up series “Streets of Rage” originally released by Sega in 1991. Ported and packed for GCW Zero by grom.

Release notes:

Playable, but debugging on setting saves in progress. You must remove $HOME/.sorrv5a directory to use the last savegame/mapping.

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Sabre Fighter Plane Simulator (Release 1) (GCWZ Game Port)

Sabre Fighter Plane Simulator is a flight simulator with fighter planes of the Korean War era. Ported to GCW Zero by zear.

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ReGBA v1.45.1 (GBA emu for GCWZ)

ReGBA by Nebuleon is a Game Boy Advance emulator based ultimately on gpSP 0.9 by Exophase. You can also submit patches on GitHub.

Release notes:

I’ve made ReGBA version 1.45.1 with two “rainbow fringe” subpixel scalers: kuwanger’s full-screen one and an aspect-ratio-preserving one based on it.

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ReGBA v1.45 (GBA emu for GCWZ)

ReGBA by Nebuleon is a Game Boy Advance emulator based ultimately on gpSP 0.9 by Exophase. You can also submit patches on GitHub.


* Per-game settings. You can press Select in the menu and you can edit settings that are applied to only the currently-loaded game. For example, you may want to start only some games from the BIOS for compatibility (e.g. Sonic Advances) but start the rest from the cartridge, or full-screen most games and leave a few at the original pixels due to being text-heavy.
* Settings files are saved only when changing the settings inside a submenu. This causes fewer erase cycles to be used up on the internal flash storage of the GCW Zero and the Dingoo A320.
* A manual. You can see this manual on your GCW Zero by pressing Select on ReGBA in gmenu2x and activating the “Show manual of ReGBA” option. This manual is also on the GCW Zero Community Wiki: see ReGBA.
* A bug that caused a crash when entering the Display Settings menu on the Dingoo A320 has been fixed.
* When opposing directions of the GBA d-pad would both be pressed — that is, both Left and Right, or both Up and Down, whether by the GCW Zero’s d-pad or its analog nub –, Left and Up are ignored, respectively.
* Add a version information screen in the Main Menu’s Performance and Debugging submenu.

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Sqrxz 2 v1.00 (GCWZ Game)

Sqrxz 2 by Retroguru is a Jump’n’Run which requires a sharp mind and fast reflexes, high frustration is guaranteed. Original Sqrxz made by Marcus Vesterlund (Maze) and John Holmvall (Hojo). Sqrxz 2 is a sequel to this game created by Rodolphe Boixel (Thor), Shahzad Sahaib (Kojote), Alexander Wiklund, Simon Butler and Jane Mumford (Jayne). GCW Zero port is courtesy of zear.


Another day another journey… As living on planet earth and its surrounding solar system seemed boring Sqrxz decided to check out another location in the universe. Just in case and to be extra careful he took a pocketful of emeralds with him to keep him in ready cash, but after starting his exciting journey he realized all his emeralds are suddenly missing! Retracing his steps Sqrxz notices mysterious creatures popping up all over the place to hinder him in his search… Oh what troublesome days… Help poor Sqrxz get back all his emeralds!

[Trailer] Sqrxz 2 - Two seconds until death


* Tough challenging gameplay – Extremely difficult; not for weaklings!
* Retro graphics!
* Hidden passages to discover!
* 10 tricky n’ hard levels!
* 11 marvelous chiptunes!
* Top 10 highscore!
* Infinite continue mode, which you will need badly in order to practise! 🙂

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L’Abbaye des Morts v1.12 (GCWZ Game Port)

Locomalito‘s game L’Abbaye des Morts ported to GCW Zero by d_smagin! The gameplay is directly inspired by Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.


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KOF Flames Of Courage v5 (GCWZ Game Port)

The King Of Fighters: Flames Of Courage is 2D fighting game based on the KOF saga: it has multiple characters to select, complex combos and lots of action. Ported to GCW Zero by grom.

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