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Old-school-demo by Knox. Some ‘3D vector balls’. All calculations are done realtime by the Intellivision’s processor. Sounds like an insignificant task for today’s hardware … … but that’s in fact a lot of work the CP-1610.

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Stonix is a breakout game pretty close to the well known Arkanoid. It includes 100 completely original levels, and a password delivery system, so that one can resume the game at a given position.

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Stack Em

Stack Em is a Columns clone.

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Shape Escape

The challenge is to match up three tiles of the same shape and colour either horizontally or vertically. You can only switch tiles that are placed next to each other and you cannot switch diagonally. Move quickly, because you are playing against a timer and when the time runs out, so does your game! Each match you create awards you with points and extra time. But be warned! Each match also increases the speed of the timer. Use the disk to move hortizonally or vertically around the play board. Press an action key to select a tile.

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Zombie Marbles

A wall of random coloured zombie marbles advances upon you. Use your anti-marble shooter to crush this advancing threat! To eliminate marbles, create a sequence of 3 or more same coloured marbles either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Use your controller disk to move up and down in the playing field. You shoot your anti-marbles by pressing the right side of the disk. When things get really tough, toss a anti-marble bomb! The bomb will eliminate all zombie marbles of the same colour as the current anti-marble. Use them wisely! You only have three. You shoot your anti-marble bombs by pressing the left side of the disk. Game ends when the marbles advance to the end of the playing field.

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Zombie Marbles v0.4 (IntelliVision Game)

Another puzzle game by John Doherty. Thanks to Eugene once more for the news.

The release is rather old, but as it never had it’s attention we post about it now. Better late than never 🙂

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Shape Escape v0.6 (IntelliVision Game)

Another game by John Doherty, slightly older than the previous news item, is Shape Escape. Thanks to Eugene Esterly III again for pointing at this game.

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Firegirl VS The Zombie Dudes (13-07-2005) (IntelliVision Game)

John Doherty created a game for the Intellivision game system called Firegirl verses the Zombie Dudes. This a horror game where a girl named Firegirl has to stop zombies from overtaking her family grave plot. The release is a bit older but as there are hardly Intellivision news we had to post about it.

Thanks to Eugene Esterly III for the news.

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Stack Em (IntelliVision game)

This game is a 4K ‘Columns’ clone for the Intellivision. Arrange the falling jewels to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal group of three of the same color and they will disappear. The more jewels you make disappear at the same time, the more points you get.

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