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Lost Raider (SMSPCC 2012) (Master System Game)

Lost Raider by vingazole and ichigobankai is an unfinished platform game entered into the SMS Power Coding Competition 2012. Your only goal is to survive and to make a big score!

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DARC (SMSPCC 2012) (Master System Game)

DARC is a Jetpack shooter game by Richard Cornelisse and John Hassink. It has influences and is inspired by several games such as Air fortress), H.E.R.O. and Hero Core. The protagonist can fly and shoot in separate directions. Each of the game-pad keys represent a shooting direction. Your goal is to infiltrate the alien fortress. Destroy the cores to disable force fields and advance through the game. During the game your shooting level will increase. As your level increases you will be able to destroy the blue and red crates found in the levels. During your exploration you can use the [PAUSE] button to show your current location in a map. Only the explored areas are visible.

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VG-Fighter is a simple space shooter by French developer vingazole. It’s one of the entries for the “SMS Power 2011 Coding Competition“.

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New Dual (WIP2) (Master System Game)

“New Duel” by losinggeneration is a not yet complete platfomer for the the SMS Power 2011 Coding Competition.

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Rental Car v0.06 (Master System Game)

aypok & playgeneration also entered the SMS Power 2011 Coding Competition. Their entry “Rental Car” is unfortunately not complete so you just need to guide a car from start to end. There is no real goal yet.

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Snake v1.00 (Master System Game)

Wickeycolumbus took part in the SMS Power 2011 Coding Competition as well and released a Snake game. It’s a rather simpel clone so don’t expect any funky extras. In other words it’s very pure and basic. Maybe the one or other still wants to give it a go.

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VG-Fighter v1.00 (Master System Game)

French developer vingazole released VG-Fighter during the SMS Power 2011 Coding Competition. It’s a simple space shooter.

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SMSPaint (Beta 2) (Master System Application)

SMSPaint is a basic “Paint” program similar to the well known standard Windows tool.

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Retrobilly (Master System misc)

Retrobilly tries to output some 16000hz wave files.

Quote from PoorAussie:

I spent a few hours tonight putting together a small (no pun intended) ROM which tries to output some 16000hz wave files. It works fairly well, except for some “noise” I am finding hard to get rid of, likely related to the non linear distribution of the SMS channels. . It uses two square channels and some preprocessing to get it into a SMS format that is adequate. 3 Squares might help get rid of some of the noise, but I found that small delays between each square channel adds its own distortions.

Scott from SMS Power Radio did the intro for it.

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Falldown v1.0 (Master System Game)

jensjoachim released his first Master System game, called Falldown.

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