News from PkK:

I have done some improvements to a WIP called “Colored gravity”.

There are two spaceships, each steered by a ColecoVision controller. At the top of the screen there are two numbers.
The upper one is energy left. Energy is lost when firing, changing color or being hit by a missile. Energy recharges while the spaceship isn’t accelerating or decelerating. The other number is the reload. You can’t fire or change color while it’s nonzero.
There are three colors. Objects of different color attract each other.

Left fire button: Fire missile of your current color.
Right fire button: Try to change color.
Joystick: Accelerate / Decelerate, turn spaceship.

Spaceships and missiles bounce when hitting the border of the playing area.

The game becomes a bit slow when there are many objects on screen.


P.S.: This is far from a complete game, but spaceships and missiles bouncing around are fun.