Scott Huggins and Joe teamed up for this one. It’s an original game loosely based on the Frenzy game for the ColecoVision. When attract screen comes up, press left FIRE button to start game. Pressing ‘4’ will pause the game at any time. If you get into trouble, you can press ‘7’ (only once) to warp to next room. Bonus life after you clear a level (5 randomly chosen rooms per level). Use joystick to move the man and left controller will fire. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated!

5 words took 240 hours to travel across space. “Landing party captured on Mazeon” was all it said but it only took 5 hours for the mission to get started. This was the third Interstellar Organization ship to go to Mazeon to try and establish an embassy with the Automazeons but it seems to have suffered the same fate as the first two. Capture and imprisonment at the hands of the Automazeon robots called Eviscerators.

Based upon your skill and rank you’ve been picked to lead the rescue mission in prison complex Rallok 96. You’re equipped with a hand laser and teleportation tags for the prisoners. Blast open the prisoner cells and tag the prisoners to immediately teleport them to the rescue ship in orbit around Mazeon. There are 25 rooms spread out over 5 levels in Rallok 96 and you’ll need to get all 3 keys to exit a room after saving the prisoners. You can leave prisoners behind but you’ll be sacrificing them to the Eviscerators. There are five generations of Eviscerators guarding Rallock 96 on the various levels. The IO recuse ship will communicate with you between levels regarding your progress.

Key points to survive your mission:

1.Speed is of the essence. Although the stationary canons can be destroyed permanently, the Eviscerators will regenerate after a laser blast. The Eviscerators
are controlled by an Omnibot nicknamed Heinous Hank. Hank is the tech-evolution of the original Mazeon ruler Evil Otto and he will attack if you stay in a oom
too long. 5 shots will temporarily disable Heinous Hank.

2.You can shoot through the blue walls but the green sections will cause your laser to rebound. Do not touch the green rebound walls because they contain a
lethal jolt of energy.

3.You must leave a room through the exit door. Do not try to exit a room through any holes you make. The rooms in Rallok 96 are linked by pressurized
hallways but going anywhere outside of the room or hallway will cause a massive lethal depressurization.

4.The prisoners may be disoriented and try to run away. You may need to chase them down. Your hand laser will destroy Eviscerators but it will also kill