Mark2008 is still heavily working on porting Frog Feast to the Coleco Vision. A new version as of 23rd December has been released.

Release notes:

I was in my local k-mart today, and they had for $9.99 the joystick game Intellivision lives, and it had a game on it called Frog Bog…..that surely must be the inspiration for Frog Feast.

It was really interesting to read about it, the same guy who wrote the Exec for Intellivision wrote the Atari VCS version of this game, called Frogs and Flies.

I’ll post later what he had to say…interesting because he was totally disparaging of the 2600…and its almost funny to read today.

It looks like too, that the Intv and Atari 2600 games had a bit more gameplay than this Frog Feast….but of course looked like total garbage, visually speaking….Frog Bog was a good game for Intellivision though…

Anyway….loggged in for the guy who wanted a screenie…this rom will allow you to take a screen shot…it’s just a partial port….one frog moves a little bit….currently he still can walk on water….just some of the routines were implemented.

I’ll post a much better rom of the game this weekend, if everything goes as planned.