Jack B. Quick is a work in progress side scrolling demo by Mark 2008.

Here are the exact release notes:

The computer I develop on….is not playing colecovision games correctly…can you believe that. I guess its not fast enough.

Well……that makes it hard to know if there is a slow down in the demo, or its just my machine. The last time I transferred this ROM to a faster machine…it was smooth. Whether it still is….don’t know, but before the game is released, of course I will have it smooth.

these are quite long term projects, perhaps…. I’m not trying to announce any imminent game…but, since I did bring up the topic of a side scroller….here is a ROM that kind of shows what I’m talking about.

And you’ll see I put on the first screen most of the tiles…I did that on purpose as kind of a demonstration as to how it works.

The screen will have more detail at the top, and I will place mountains and shrubs, to also appeal to the eye.

I may move it away from the Mario style, to the Jack Be Nimble, Nursery Rhyme world I envision….centered aroudn the medieval game of candlestick jumping…..