Here comes a christmas release from PkK:

Release notes:

A few month ago I’ve started working on Tunnels & Trolls for the ColecoVision. Due to lots of university work I wasn’t able to make anything really interesting yet though.

However I just took my old code and made it into a little techdemo. It’s a map viewer. The map is rather big for a ColecoVision game. Most of it is just a huge swamp. However you start in the map’s upper left corner and it takes about 6 minutes of continuous scrolling to reach the swamp.

Here’s a map description so you don’t get lost:
You start in a small rural village with some houses, a pond and some fields where crop is planted. Some trees surround the village. Two roads lead out of the village. One leads to the south, where it approaches some farms (you find them south and west of the road at the roads’ second big turn to the east) before it turns east and north. The other road leads east, then turns south (southwest of the turn is a forest, east of the turn is some rocky area and further east a forest and a river). Where the two roads meet another road goes to the east, leading to a river. On the other end of the bridge a gate guards the entry to a town. North of the town is a forest. If you follow the road for some time, then go southeast where it splits or follow the river leading south you’ll reach a lake. There’s a town at the lake’s north shore. Farms are scattered throughout the area.

I’ve attached screenshots of the pond in the starting village and the bridge with town gate.

As you can see this simple techdemo needs about 29KB, so I’ll have to sacrifice some of what you see in this demo to be able to make a game out of it.

Merry christmas to all of you!