One of the larger boards out there, taking care of the Dingoo, has been victim by one of it’s moderator going nuts.

Read on here:

Well people,

I’m sorry to say that one of the moderators (Dan) went loco for some unknown reason. He deleted all posts in the forum and banned the other moderators and various users. He also thought he had banned the admin (me), which is ofcourse not possible.

All people who got banned or blocked by this piece of sh*t have been restored.

I’m looking into correcting this issue, but I have to be honest, I didn’t take the payed for rollback subscription, so I don’t know if it is at all possible. I’m hoping freeforums keeps backups from which they can put us back.

At the moment all moderators have been relieved from their duties untill further notice.

In case I can’t set the forum back, you can go to another forum somewhere else or restart posting here, I’ve seen toddler has been posting his update, which I’m gratefull for… If the forum really restarts I’ll get the rollback subscription ofcourse, so something like this can’t happen in the future.

Sorry guys,

For the homebrew scene this, in fact, is a MASSIVE loss of resources, so hopefully things will be getting reposted elsewhere or the free forums getting restored.