Biniax-2 is original and entertaining game. Takes a minute to learn and gives you hours and hours of gameplay. Discover the different Biniax-2 faces – for action heroes or careful strategists.

Biniax-2 is the successor of Biniax – innovative game, recognized for it’s unique gameplay. While Biniax is pure game mechanics, Biniax-2 has three game modes (two singleplayer and one multiplayer), hall of fame, dynamic music and nice cartoon look.


* Sound bitrate changed from non-standard 44000 to 44100
* “Now Loading…” is displayed instead of a black screen on startup
* The high score list now actually works
* Changed Help text to make it relevant to the Dingoo and fixed text width
* Controls modified to suit the Dingoo better
* Volume control added (L/R)