Here is another custom firmware for the Dingoo by pof!


My modified version of official 1.20 firmware, includes the following:

* Based on official 1.20 firmware (Y/B bug fixed!)
* Supports custom themes (system folder visible)
* Default language set to english
* Megadrive emulator fixed to use the quick double buffer technique
* Added NeoGeo Pocket emulator
* Added Game Boy Color (GBC) emulator
* Overclock apps included (select from 200Mhz to 430Mhz)
* Nice boot & logoff screens
* Fixed typos in english translation
* Default brightness set to 3
* Auto Poweroff set to 1 hour

1. Copy all the contents into the root dir of your dingoo internal UDisk.
2. Switch off your dingoo
3. Press and hold DOWN in the D-PAD
4. Switch on your dingoo, firmware will update. Wait 5 minutes.
5. Reboot your dingoo

I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your Dingoo by flashing this unofficial firmware.
Full caution is advise, do not flash if you don’t know what you’re doing. Tested on 3 Dingoos and worked fine on all them.

MD5: 97EFD31822ED155B37D3122EEA98ADA0