This is a port of C-Dogs SDL v0.04 ( ) for Dingoo A320.

C-Dogs is the sequel to Cyberdogs, and is also an old DOS arcade shoot-em-up which allows players to work co-operatively during missions, and against each other in “dogfight” death-match mode.

Known Issues / TODO List:

– This version only can be played by 1 player;
– Need to translate PC keys names to Dingoo buttons names;
– Setting resolution greater than 320 X 240 will crash the system;
– Setting video scale factor greater than 1 will crash the system;
– Shutting down Dingux improperly (not using poweroff command) will
corrupt the savedata and display segmentation fault when exit the game.
Deleting directory /local/home/.cdogs will correct this;
– The game is not at fullspeed yet.,0,0,0,30,228