This is an enhanced interpreter for the Commander Keen 1-3 Series. It is based on the original CloneKeen engine.


Updated Ep3-Ninja AI (no longer “float” after hitting ceiling)
Fixed Ep3-Ninja AI glitch (no longer ‘freeze’ after seeing player)

Changed screen resolution to 320×240 to fill GP2X screen
Now uses Paeryn’s excellent hardware SDL libs
When map is too small to fit on screen, it now draws it centered and hides border tiles
Added volume control
No longer writes a log file by default, use command line ‘-debug’ for this
Now sync()s after closing a file that was written to
Removed all multiplayer stuff from code, since we’re not going to use it on GP2X
Added one-button fire option for you non-purists out there 😉
Options now save and load automatically between game sessions
Fixed “Continue Game” crash that occured on some systems
Fixed some dodgy code in the Ep2-Walker AI that occasionally segfaulted
No longer plays Episode 3 end sequence after dying in last level
Corrected “X=Y” button mapping issue
Updated several tile attributes to be more accurate to the original game
Mangling Machine now accurate to original game, and probably a lot more possible 🙂
Fixed Ep2-Earth Explodes sequence
Updated Voricon AI (No longer always decides to walk right)
Updated Ep1-Tank AI (Must fire before looking, now possible to jump over)
Updated Ep2-Tank AI (Pause before volley, no longer moves during volley)
Updated Ep3-Mother AI (touch no longer insta-kill, pushes player)
Updated Ep3-Fireball AI (kills other AIs)
Updated Ep3-Meep AI (touch no longer insta-kill, pushes player),0,0,0,35,147