Dingoonity.org turns one! Now if this isn’t a reason to celebrate?! Hail the Dingoo!


Today marks one year since Dingoonity first launched these boards. It has been a great year, and since day 1 the community has grown in leaps and bounds.

I’d like to thank all the people that have made the community what it is:

The board staff — Harteex, Congozombie, Quadomatic, codiak, Rebelphoenix, zear, Shred, qbertaddict, Kronus, eule, blizz, xdpirate

The developers for Dingoo native and Dingux (There are too many to list here, so I won’t, but if you spend some time in either of the release boards for these platforms you’ll spot some regular names!)

And most importantly you — each of you that comes to the site every day, or every-other-day, and actively takes part in the community.

We’ve got nearly 2000 registered members on the board right now, and at any time there are usually 5x as many guest users as registered browsing the board – you can view some more board stats here – http://boards.dingoonity.org/stats/

The first year of Dingoonity

Dingoonity began on/around October 14th 2009. An already popular Dingoo community (the a320.freeforums.org board) had some problems with one of their staff members deciding to destroy the forum, and many members who were on IRC (#dingoo-a320 on irc.freenode.net), including myself, had decided that such an unstable place for a forum wasn’t a good place — so we started a new hosted board – Dingoonity.

From the 14th-16th I worked tirelessly to setup the boards and this botched board design that you see before you now (which has changed marginally since launch).

Initially we had a WordPress powered news page — but after some suggestions, on the 21st of October I decided it would be best to integrate it better with the boards — so I built the current news page which is now powered by the news board.

Since then new sub-boards have been added, things have been changed here and there (such as the introduction of friendly URLs) and all the time the community has continued to grow.

Earlier this year I added some sub-boards for some other devices, such as the Ben Nanonote, and SPMP8000-based devices.

From the start I’ve wanted to not run paid adverts on the site, as it’s one thing I personally can’t stand — but in September this year, I decided to add a Google Adsense banner for guests to the page footer, and for members on the unread posts page in the footer. These have been appropriately unobtrusive, and seem to be generating enough money to cover the hosting.

The next year of Dingoonity

The community seems just as active now as it has been all year — there’s always some great stuff happening for Dingoo native and Dingux development.

I’ll get around to finishing up and releasing the new board design at some point I’m sure, perhaps before Dingoonity’s 2nd birthday!

We’ve got an active channel on IRC (#Dingoonity on irc.freenode.net) which continues to have 25-30 people online at any moment — it’s a great place with lots of development-based discussion going on, people asking questions and others providing helpful feedback, and also lots of off-topic talk.