Rookie1 updated his menu system for Dingoo Linux which resembles the default Dingoo menu.

Release notes:

Dmenu 0.4 is finally out. Welcome scahoo and 1@qbQD4T5Z0949 to join the team. Special thanks goes to 1@qbQD4T5Z0949 for packaging up 0.4 release.

Here is the changelog for 0.4.

– Change SearchPath to a string list to allow multiple search paths
– Menu sound effect
– Sub-menu support
– Fix parsing of multiple args
– Added UTF8 support. UTF8 chars in theme.cfg name strings, and file selector will display the UTF8 chars accordingly. Font file specified by the theme need
to contain the necessary chars.
– Menu wrapping when left or right key pressed at begining or end of Menu respectively. Same for MenuItem (up/down).
– File selector wrapping at begining and end of file list.
– Easier file selection. Use Y + up/down to scroll 1 page at a time
– Added OSD.
– Menuitem text overlapping problem should be fixed now.
– Fixed problem of passing multiple args when launching a program
– Persist index of selected menu/menuitem

by 1@qbQD4T5Z0949
– Default theme created.
– Added SoundVolume control ([L]:-5% / [R]:+5%)
– Added Brightness control ([X]:LevelUp / [Y]:LevelDown)
– Added SoundVolume & Brightness Icons.
– Added configuration files for SoundVolume & Brightness settings.
– Added resources directory for dmenu.(/usr/local/home/.dmenu/)

Download is at