Frontier – Elite II is a space trading computer game.

Release notes:

Just copy across the folder and make a menu entry or shortcut to “frontier”


SELECT = swap between “Mouse mode” and “Flight mode” and “Star Map Mode”

Controls in Mouse Mode
Dpad = move mouse
A = Left Click
B = Right Click
Y = Hyperspace to Destination
X = Eject from ship (if you have an escape pod)
R = use radar mapper
L = hyperspace cloud analyser

Double click on pause icon = options (for adjusting detail level, saving and loading games etc)

Controls in Flight mode
Dpad = yaw / pitch
L = Decrease Thrust
R = Increase Thrust
A = Fire Laser
B = Fire Missile when targeted
X = Drop Energy Bomb
START = with military camera takes photograph, with MB4 mining machine deploys MB4

Controls in Star Map Mode
Dpad = move around star map

When in the mouse mode you can also hold down B and use the Dpad to rotate the starmap

Quick start to getting of the ground
Press any key to bring up the menu and then move the mouse pointer to the first option and press A to click.
Move the mouse pointer down to the icon 4 and press A to request a launch.
Then move the mouse pointer to the icon 7 and press A to launch upwards.
Press select once to switch from mouse mode to flight mode.
Press R to start thrusting forwards.

Happy Flying.

Quick start to hyperspace
Change to mouse mode and click on icon 2 to bring up the Star Map
Press select twice to switch to Star Map Mode
Move around the Star Map using the Dpad
Note you can only travel to destinations if its in range and you don’t have much range to begin with
Look at the text in the bottom left corner to see if you either out of range or how much fuel is required
Once you have the destination hightlighted press Select again to get to mouse mode
Click on forward view and providing you are in space you can press Y to hYperspace