mrLogan released another nice program for Dingux. This time he it’s a Qix style game named “Just4Qix”.

Goal is to fill a decent amount of your playing screen to get to the next stage and uncover a picture which is hidden behind it.

Release notes:

WIP Just4Qix

A little bit of phun inspired by Gals Panic.

This has game has some great music and works fine in Linux. However the music only plays with the Dingux system before the current one. The current Dingux system results in “UNRECOGNISED FORMAT” when trying to load MOD music files through SDL_mixer.

Copy the folder as is into Dingux and make a shortcut to just4qix.

Game Controls

D-Pad moves player.
Holding down Fire ‘A’ while moving allows player to fill areas.
SELECT = ESCAPE Game, Menu etc.

HELP: I have included all source and makefile etc because I feel that the game without music is a bit of a show stopper and I am hoping someone may be able to shed some light on why its not working on the latest build of Dingux?