vimrc has updated MPlayer for Dingoo Linux.


Serious Bugs fixed:
1. Fix the freezed problem when playing *.rmvb files. (Should be better than the official one)
2. Fix the chopping sound when playing *.wma and *.wmv files. (Still better than the offical one, much more smooth at least)

Inappropriate config file (/home/.mplayer/config) will deteriorate the performance. In fact Mplayer works well without the config file. So if you met several problems, just remove the config file and try it again. The side effect is: Maybe it will cause the sync problem, but feel free to modify the config file or overclock the cpu to mitigate it yourself.

Now the Mplayer for Dingux should be usable enough . It can handle *.mkv, *.ogg, *. rmvb file well. However, the patched version doesn’t support the H264 format, so if you want to play them, use this one (based on 20090903 version, rmvb supported. Unfortunately it still has the freezed probelm when playing rmvb files. But it provides better performance such as smooth forward/backward when playing other formats. I will try to patch this version if I have time, it will take for a while because this version’s codes changed a lot compared with the previous one. 🙂