SDL-GNUBoy is a staticly compiled binary of SDL-GNUBoy for Dingoo Linux; it should work on any root file system.

Release notes:


I compiled joyrider’s Dingoo port of GNUBoy with booboo’s latest toolchain. Made some simple changes to the default key mappings in main.c. Switched the B and A buttons and mapped X and L buttons to save and load state which works. The in-game saves work as before.

The Dingoo GNUBoy keys are:
X=Save State
L=Load State

I have not tested the save states extensively so back up your SD in case something goes wrong.

Before trying this you should back up your current game saves located in:

/local/home/.gnuboy/saves/Your Rom Names.sav

This version should work with previous in-game saves.

PS: Special thanks to joyrider for posting the updated source code.

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