ViewImage display images, proportionately scaled to the Dingoo’s screen.


When loading an image, viewimage now automatically rotates if required before scaling, so that the image is always displayed in the largest format possible. Portrait-format images will automatically be displayed 240×320, while landscape format images are automatically displayed 320×240.
Manual rotation is possible using the shoulder buttons. L is counterclockwise and R is clockwise. When rotating, the image is rescaled so that it fits in the screen.
Bonus feature: When you launch viewimage by passing a single filename to it, viewimage scans the entire directory that the image is in and automatically loads all other images of the same file type, with the selected image first. This allows you to use a file selector to pick a single file within a directory full of images, and get your chosen file displayed first, while having every other image (with the same suffix) in the directory also available by hitting the next/previous buttons. (dpad left and right.)